Our Showroom

Holtzmacher Custom Furniture Showroom

Our new showroom features many one of a kind and limited edition furniture pieces designed by Michael Holtz in collaboration with his son and daughter, Nick and Jacqueline. Their designs are inspired by an extensive array of furniture styles, with special attention to the classic lines of traditional furniture design.

Furnishings with our custom painted and glazed finishes, as well as those with our rich hand-rubbed wood finishes, adorn our showroom. It is truly a family vision and a successful collaboration of talents.

With over forty years of experience as a master furniture maker, Mike Holtz oversees, and often participates in, the construction of the showroom furnishings built in our on-site production facility. For those furniture pieces featuring hand-carved details, it is Mike who performs this delicate and coveted task.

At Holtzmacher, we are also skilled in the art of metalworking. Many of our furniture designs incorporate metal elements to complement and enhance the natural beauty of the wood. Under the direction of Nick, an experienced metal smith, we carefully handcraft all of the decorative metal details for our furnishings.

Our new showroom is a labor of love for Holtzmacher, one which we are excited and privileged to share with our clients. Our one of a kind and limited edition furnishings will acquaint you with
the quality and artistry of Holtzmacher's work.

We believe our showroom will also inspire you to explore the full realm of possibilities for your own home interior. We would be pleased to design and build a custom home interior that reflects your personal style and provides a lifetime of satisfaction.